Radcalc 4.1 Introduction

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1.1 Advisory Notice,  Availability of RADCALC 4.1.1 (8-4-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice,  Suspension of RADCALC 4.1 (7-6-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice,  Review of Federal Oversight of Software Quality Assurance for RADCALC Revision (3-31-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice,  Review of Federal Oversight of Software Quality Assurance for RADCALC (3-26-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice,  Installing RADCALC 4.1 on Windows 7 Operating Systems (3-25-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice, Overly Consertive Regulatory Values for U-235m and Four Other Radionuclides (3-3-2015)

DOE-HQ/EM-33 Radcalc 4.1 Advisory Notice, Fissile Material Exceptions and International Shipments (4-14-2014)

DOE-HQ/EM-45 Radcalc 4.1 Safety Alert, Gas Pressure Analytical Results (5-16-2011)

Microsoft® Excel® Software Issue and Impact on Radcalc Software

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Radcalc is a software application that provides consistency, accuracy, reproducibility, timeliness, quality, compliance, and appropriate documentation to shippers of radioactive materials and wastes at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities nationwide.

Hundreds of shippers and engineers throughout the DOE complex routinely use this software to automate various determinations and to validate compliance with transportation regulations. Radcalc is maintained by the DOE Office of Packaging and Transportation.

Several upgrades have been incorporated into Radcalc 4.1, including updated and/or new fissile gram equivalent (FGE) and PE-Ci values established by the DOE since publication of Radcalc 4.0; the addition of DOE-STD-1027 calculations; the addition of database values compiled from ICRP-72 and FGR11; and multiple software changes related to new interpretations or programming errors relevant to DOT regulations.

Radcalc is designed to assist DOE, its contractors and subcontractors, and other authorized users.Radcalc capabilities include the following:
  • Perform transportation classifications based on selected U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) definitions and methodologies in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, "Transportation."
  • Perform calculations consistent with requirements and methods prescribed by the DOE, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and International Commission of Radiation Protection.
  • Categorize the radioactive contents in three levels of safety (i.e., Category I, II, or III) in accordance with the NRC's Regulatory Guide.
  • Calculate decay heat and activity of radionuclides and their daughter products at the end of a specified time interval.
  • Calculate radiolytic hydrogen gas generated in a radioactive waste matrix.
  • Calculate helium gas production from radioactive decay.
  • Automatically import and export data with the ability of the user to enter, evaluate, and report information within minutes.

RADCALC is no longer available from this website.

If you need to verify your copy of RADCALC 4.1 use the following SHA-256 HASH:


If you need a copy of RADCALC, or have any questions please email: radcalc@emcbc.doe.gov


Users need to have all of the pre-installation requirements met on their computer systems prior to the installation of Radcalc.
Users need to review the "Installation" section within the User Manual and obtain assistance from their local IT department as necessary.

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